EXCLUSIVE: Von Pea – My Life (produced by 9th Wonder).

Von Pea

The pride of Bed Stuy, Von Pea, has been holding out on us. The rapper/producer from Tanya Morgan has doled out some of the best albums and mixtapes this side of 2003. But he’s never given us anything like this. While Tanya Morgan was rocking the Move Forward Music showcase at SXSW, ML’s DJ01 tore apart their bus and found a disc containing a track that elevates Von Pea above mortal MCs.

Von summons the demons of his childhood, lays bare his deepest insecurities, and soars at his dreams in a bone-chilling hip-hop bildungsroman. And what the hell is the sample 9th Wonder found to bless Von with? I’m calling it: this is the new holy grail of crate digging. Word is, Jay-Z passed on this beat for American Gangster. His loss. Fans will cite “My Life” when Von replaces Jay in their top five.

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  1. Not I Said The Fly | my words are weapons…

    [...] Yo, it’s not even noon yet and I’m already burnt out on any and every single April Fool’s Day-related paraphernalia. This actually made me crack up a bit, though, seeing as how it’s exactly in vein with how Von acts during (2)Dope Radio episodes. Don’t worry, that’s coming back sooner than later too. Props to Metal Lungies. [...]

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