Mo Kolours – Biddies.

We tapped a lot of people to talk about their favorite beats for last year’s colossal year-end Beat Drop, but I was especially excited to get Paul White’s picks. The largely overlooked British Dilla disciple was sure to pick something mind-blowing. His five picks were Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Language of the Flame,” a vinyl-only Madlib Medicine Show beat that we couldn’t even find, a funky offering from the Dilla Donut Shop EP, and two unreleased tracks that Alex Chase of One-Handed Music was nice enough to provide.

Of the two unreleased tracks, “Syncro System” by Mo Kolours was the one that piqued my curiosity. The half-Mauritian singer/percussionist has a tropical, handmade funk. His debut release EP1: Drum Talking draws upon the the sega music of Mauritius and the single “Biddies” matches garbled chants with a soothing bassline and Kolours’ airy singing. Listen and escape your modern life for a few minutes.

via One-Handed Music

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