Mobb Deep – Dog Shit (ft. Nas) (produced by Alchemist, Havoc).

ML: When was the last time you saw Prodigy and how is he doing?
Havoc: I seen Prodigy about two weeks ago and he’s doing real good.
ML: How do you think he’s going to sound when he comes out?
Havoc: I think he’s gonna come out sounding hungrier than ever.
ML: Do you have any concrete plans yet?
Havoc: Nothing concrete, but I can tell you one thing for sure, when he get out, we definitely gonna be working on the Mobb Deep album.

-Metallungies Hollers @ Havoc (5/11/2010)

As voted on by the Mobb Deep fan club. It’s great to hear Prodigy back with Havoc and Alchemist and it’s great to hear Nas without Damian Marley.

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  1. Prodigy – Pebble Beach.

    [...] and you want to make a lighthearted song without going the Jeremih route. They can’t all be “Dog Shit.” Where do you turn? 80s R&B/funk always does the trick. Prodigy raps over the Mary Jane [...]

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