Terrace Martin – So Nasty (ft. Bad Lucc, Kurupt).

There’s often a surfeit of live instrumentation on Terrace Martin tracks. The California producer also plays the sax, which results in many extraneous saxophone solos on otherwise lean hip-hop tracks. It’s usually not a deal-breaker and sometimes it’s a nice touch.

He used even more live instruments on his last project The Sex EP, which is more soul-funk miasma than hip-hop. It’s a directionless mash of horns, rhodes, and vocoders that sounds like a long, boring, overproduced interlude. That’s not to say hip-hop production can’t benefit from live instrumentation, but it shouldn’t be an end in and of itself.

But Terrace just re-released the EP as The Sex EP 2.0: Cease & Desist with five more songs. The original cover used a picture of Kim Kardashian’s breasts and she issued Terrace and company a cease and desist letter. One of the new additions is a veritable West Coast sex romp in the tradition of DJ Quik. Bad Lucc and Kurupt rap about dirty things over a funky beat that proves Terrace’s musicality can turn a song into an entirely different beast when he doesn’t overdo it.

via Devi Dev

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