The League of Extraordinary G’z – Concealed Weapons 3, Mixtape.

They call themselves “the Texas Wu-tang” and the claim isn’t entirely without merit. There’s a wide range of talent in Austin’s League of Extraordinary G’z collective. It consists of eight guys spread across three groups: Da C.O.D, Dred Skott, and Southbound. The common thread is precise rhyming and sample-based beats, but members might rap like Big Boi, Bun B, or Phil Da Agony. Highlights include two great Jake One-produced tracks, a weeded Jackie Chain cameo, and a “Smells Like Teen Spirit” sample that surprisingly doesn’t suck. But the whole thing is great and it’s clear that these guys are just getting started.

Download: The League of Extraordinary G’z – Concealed Weapons 3


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