Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes, Album.

Swedish indie singer Lykke Li (one more reason for us to wish that we were Swedish, the list grows) released her first album in 2008 titled Youth Novels. You may recognize her song “Little Bit” which was sampled and remixed a ton over the last year or so. Her sophomore album, Wounded Rhymes, was released a few months ago and it’s a great step for her as an artist. On Youth Novels Lykke Li’s vocals are fragile, even innocent, but with Wounded Rhymes she really shows what she can do as a vocalist. Track two, “I Follow Rivers”, has more depth and substance than a lot of her other work and while listening it gives you chills.  There are a few tracks we don’t care for on the album that just can’t stand up next to the fan favorites like “Get Some” and “I Know Places” but it’s the favorites that make the album worth the time. To us, Wounded Rhymes seems like it’s an intermediate step between Youth Novels and whatever album is to come which is pretty exciting.

Check out “Little Bit” and “I Follow Rivers” here:

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