P. Watts – Purple Thoughts (ft. KD, Scotty, P. Dukes) (produced by DJ Burn One).

“Purple Thoughts” will appear on P. Watts’ Element of Surprise. It also appears on KD’s Trill Azz Essentials and Scotty’s Summer Dreams mixtape, the latter of which is produced entirely by DJ Burn One.

Yeah, that’s a lot of mixtapes and a lot of Burn One. And between Summer Dreams and The Ashtray (Burn’s instrumental album), it’s been A LOT of guitar lately. “Purple Thoughts” has the effusive, organic vibe that has become Burn One’s trademark, but I wouldn’t mind more beats in the vein of “Renaissance Gangster” or even “High Five,” just to keep things interesting.

I expect underground producers are attracted to the live band setup because it’s a privilege not available to every kid with stars in his eyes. But the first Burn One beat I ever listened to was “What Was I Thinkin’”. It was great because of the juxtaposition of a Wu-Tang beat and a Cash Money expat, not because of any feat of beatmaking prowess.

But here I am rambling while I probably should be honoring the days of summer by blasting “Purple Thoughts.”

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