Bruce Hornsby, Repping Thug Life at the Senator’s House.

The senator in Virginia for years was Chuck Robb. My wife and I supported him, and got invited to his Christmas party in the late ’90s, when [2Pac's] Greatest Hits came out. My wife decided we should listen to it on the drive. We get to Robb’s house, and there were a bunch of black parking attendants. We opened the car, and — I didn’t know this — but the next song to come on was ["Hit Em Up"]. The timing was hilarious. Right when the brothers were ready to take the keys the line “I fucked your bitch/ You fat motherfucker” came on. These guys fell out. They looked at me at first in horror, and then started laughing like crazy.

-Bruce Hornsby (“Changes” samples Hornsby’s “The Way It Is.”)

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