Monthly Archives: April 2012

SpaceGhostPurrp – Lustful ’97.

I’m so glad there’s a rapper with a name as awesome as SpaceGhostPurrp whose music is actually well worth sharing. Download: SpaceGhostPurrp – Lustful ’97  

Waka Flocka records raps in the back of Tayota Camrys.

(Image from Interview Mag) Maybe I exclusively should start highlighting interviews that are worth reading or something. Here is an extremely likable brief profile & interview over at the illustrious Interview Mag conducted by David Shapiro. We learn that Wacka really likes to record raps, no matter where he is, that includes the back..

Tourist- Placid Acid, Single.

New Brighton based artist Tourist, or more easily Google searched as William Phillips, is someone who I’ve been meaning to write about for months now. A friend sent me a link to Placid Acid back in January and I couldn’t get enough. I sought out everything else he had recorded..

Pitchfork’s animated interview with The GZA.

If all rappers told stories as good as GZA, then there would be a lot more interesting interviews with rappers on the internets. Also, if all interviews were made into cartoons like this? I would probably watch every single video interview ever made. Props to Pitchfork. Sphere: Related Content

Rev. William Burke – Thank God (produced by RZA).

Rev. William Burke has been shadowing RZA for some time now, but they’re so casual about releasing music that it seems like Burke is content to remain a footnote on Wikipedia articles. On “Thank God,” Burke displays uncanny mic skills — the kind that make you want to transcribe his..

The company that made the Tupac Hologram at Coachella?

No joke, I nearly had an anxiety attack when I saw this on the Coachella stream an hour ago. After some digging around, I’m led to believe that a company named Musion created this mind boggling “performance” of 2pac.  A bunch of “news” sources quoted Deutsche Telekom as the creator, but my guy Victor..

Killer Mike – Don’t Die (produced by El-P).

The loudest performance in rap today comes from Waka Flocka screaming his head off for rowdy clubgoers. “Don’t Die” by Killer Mike will put the same 50,000 volt battery in your back, but instead of charging you up for a fight in the bathroom, it’ll make you want to flip..