Tourist- Placid Acid, Single.

New Brighton based artist Tourist, or more easily Google searched as William Phillips, is someone who I’ve been meaning to write about for months now. A friend sent me a link to Placid Acid back in January and I couldn’t get enough. I sought out everything else he had recorded to tide me over until he released his first EP which dropped just a few weeks ago (and is fantastic). Luckily, he also posts remixes under the name Little Loud that are just as great to listen to. Placid Acid feels like there should be lyrics to memorize even when none are present. It’s reminiscent of Jamie XX and Animal Collective without feeling like a knock-off which is refreshing in the middle of the EDM era we’re currently in. His sound is versatile; translating anywhere from easy-listening to dance floor.

Check out Placid Acid before he gets big, I promise you won’t regret it:


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