Monthly Archives: October 2012

Chuuwee – Wild Style, Mixtape.

Chuuwee’s Wild Style is like Joell Ortiz’ Covers The Classics mixtape, but more subtle. He pays tribute to the spirit of the golden age rather than individual records. Grab favored cuts below. Download: Chuuwee – Rise & Grind (ft. Dceased) (produced by Bounce Brothers) Download: Chuuwee – 40 Oz’s &..

Ra Ra – 96 (ft. Big Sant).

Atlanta rapper Ra Ra shines on this gem from his mixtape Higher (even if he takes the spelling out words thing a little too far on the hook) and then Big Sant crushes it. Who remembers the time Ja Rule spelled ‘Murder Inc.’ wrong on a diss track? A Google..

Freddie Gibbs – Baby Face Killa, Mixtape.

Today, gangsta rap is supported by a crutch. A crutch named Gibbs. On some 2012 mixtape marketing steez, Gibbs released Baby Face Killa with DJ Drama tags, but you can buy the deluxe version minus said tags and stream it at “Breaking Bad” and “Fuck Them Niggaz” only appear..

Charli XCX – So Far Away (produced by Paul White).

Shout out to artists who are smart enough commission Paul White’s work as a producer and double shouts to Charli XCX for recognizing Paul White’s talents beyond hip-hop just like Turkish singer/DJ Ahu did in 2010 with “To:Love”. Sphere: Related Content

Bruiser Brigade – Bruiser Brigade EP.

Danny Brown and friends can rap over anything. Trapped out 808s? You got it. For some reason, both “Errthang” and “Jooky” are edited, so you’ll have some trouble transcribing these on Rap Genius. via Scion Audio Visual Sphere: Related Content

Blu – Rap Dope / Lemonade.

Blu strides over the corpse of ringtone rap, friendless but for his DJ, past the perfidious radio station and the leering A&R and onto the stage where the true and loyal await his funky proclamation. Five years later. Blu has the most frustrating career  trajectory of any of the inaugural..

Brown Bag AllStars – Brown Label Part 2.

Filed under New York rap crews that matter. “Say It Now” is an awesome postmortem for starry eyed blog rappers. As a bonus, here’s a cut by Top $ Raz produced by Brown Bag’s Audible Doctor. Sphere: Related Content

Local Natives- Breakers.

Local Natives announced today that they not only have a new single but that they will be releasing their sophomore album, Hummingbird, in January 2013 (!!!!). Fans have been waiting not so patiently for something new from the band whose first album was one of the most solidly produced albums..