Blu – Rap Dope / Lemonade.

Blu strides over the corpse of ringtone rap, friendless but for his DJ, past the perfidious radio station and the leering A&R and onto the stage where the true and loyal await his funky proclamation.

Five years later.

Blu has the most frustrating career  trajectory of any of the inaugural XXL Freshmen, unless of course you were a Charles Hamilton fan (don’t you dare use that search bar — I was young once). His initial buzz petered out into a Jay Electronica-like nothingness, not for lack of talent or vision. His releases appeared online seemingly by accident as extremely rough drafts and were usually yanked days later only to be properly released by B-grade indie rap labels. He’s managed to establish and redouble a mystique to rival Madlib’s much to the chagrin of fans who just want to listen to his damn music. And yet it’s hard to be mad at the guy when he drops material like this.

Two fairly conservative boom bap singles for your listening pleasure. Let them hold you over until the next time Blu emerges to dump some mp3s from his hard drive.

via 2dopeboyz

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