Metallungies Revisits CSS at 9:30 Club, 7.1.13.

I should have known the evening was doomed when I saw that Olay was a sponsor. Really, any sponsored show that isn’t a festival is usually pretty questionable. As soon as we walked in it was clear that only a small group of people were going to show up. The people that are still living as if it were 2008, constantly talking about how cool MGMT is (nope) and “have you heard of this band called Passion Pit?” (stop it). Even the band members themselves seemed tired, dated. This all came as a surprise to me, the last time I saw CSS was actually the first time I ever went on an adventure in the name of Metallungies and I honestly had a blast. How much can a band change in two years? Or have my tastes really changed that much? Reflectively, I think it’s one of those situations where you grow centimeter by centimeter over the course of a year and by the time summer rolls around your tall tee has become a crop top. Music has changed pretty drastically over the last four or five years speaking from a stylistic production level. CSS’ sound just isn’t “in” anymore. They sound more like a show you stumble upon in a local neighborhood rather than a band that has been producing albums for years. They haven’t evolved. I expected more from the show in general; a slightly less lethargic crowd, a slightly more energetic band… if you’re playing the guitar, I want to feel that you know how to play it well. It was a strange and disappointing evening, salvaged only by the bartender trusting me with real glass when I ordered a drink, a testament to how thin the crowd was and therefore how lacking the fan base is.

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