Vesa beats – ALL.OVER.

Remember this dude Vesa? Here he is with a regal and meditative slap from his new beat tape. Re-visited by Vesa beats Sphere: Related Content

Gianni – Chambre Noire 19.

Gianni is the man behind the essential Boxes of Toys blog where he posts super obscure and often mind-blowing records, usually focusing on forgotten electronic music and psych. More recently, he started the Orbeatize label where he reissues some of said records. He showcased some current and future Orbeatize releases for..

Massimo Martellotta – Sintesi n.5.

Listen to Massimo Martellotta recall the glory days of Italian library music. One Man Sessions Vol.1 // SINTESI by Massimo Martellotta Sphere: Related Content

Omid Walizadeh – Radio Omid.

Omid Walizadeh is a veteran indie hip-hop producer from LA whose most recent work is a series of mixes that flip pre-revolution Persian pop music in a way that would make Oh No and Alchemist proud, though perhaps not your uncle Massoud. Hopefully this will boost the crime rate in..

Knxwledge – 4-5.

Knxwledge has a special facility with Dipset vocals. WT.11_8 by Knxwledge. WT.PRT.11_ by Knxwledge. Sphere: Related Content