Knxwledge – dordie_.

Of the hundreds of stray beats Knxwledge tosses online, my favorites are the ones that flip yesterday’s R&B jams. Remember Hexual Sealings? HEX.10.8_ by Knxwledge. Sphere: Related Content

Budamunk & Fitz Ambrose – hitchu.

Sometimes the most remarkable beats are the ones with the most empty space, the ones that do the most with the least. Budabrose 2 by Budamunk & Fitz Ambrose Sphere: Related Content

Szlazak – Suspension.

Loopy electronic beat with an analog touch from the Slovakian Proto Sites label. Suspension EP | PS009 by Szlazak

Kutoma (Kutmah) – ?????????.

Kutmah calls himself Kutoma on this release (WordPress won’t show the Japanese characters), and offers beats made of spare parts – I scarcely heard any horns, pianos, strings, guitars, or Motown wails. Instead, the beats are made of clatters, pops, and echoes. Something tells me WhoSampled won’t tell you much about..