Omid Walizadeh – Radio Omid.

Omid Walizadeh is a veteran indie hip-hop producer from LA whose most recent work is a series of mixes that flip pre-revolution Persian pop music in a way that would make Oh No and Alchemist proud, though perhaps not your uncle Massoud. Hopefully this will boost the crime rate in..

Knxwledge – 4-5.

Knxwledge has a special facility with Dipset vocals. WT.11_8 by Knxwledge. WT.PRT.11_ by Knxwledge. Sphere: Related Content

Ohbliv – Foreverness.

Done right, instrumental hip-hop can be the most potent and emotive music, all while saying and doing very little. Foreverness by Ohbliv Sphere: Related Content

Knxwledge – dordie_.

Of the hundreds of stray beats Knxwledge tosses online, my favorites are the ones that flip yesterday’s R&B jams. Remember Hexual Sealings? HEX.10.8_ by Knxwledge. Sphere: Related Content