Budamunk & Fitz Ambrose – hitchu.

Sometimes the most remarkable beats are the ones with the most empty space, the ones that do the most with the least. Budabrose 2 by Budamunk & Fitz Ambrose Sphere: Related Content

Szlazak – Suspension.

Loopy electronic beat with an analog touch from the Slovakian Proto Sites label. Suspension EP | PS009 by Szlazak

Kutoma (Kutmah) – ?????????.

Kutmah calls himself Kutoma on this release (WordPress won’t show the Japanese characters), and offers beats made of spare parts – I scarcely heard any horns, pianos, strings, guitars, or Motown wails. Instead, the beats are made of clatters, pops, and echoes. Something tells me WhoSampled won’t tell you much about..

Ray West & Dave Dar – im a star.

From a quiet, overlooked corner of New York rap that, despite appearances, still exists. The Sun Don't Chill by RED APPLES 45 The Sun Don't Chill by RED APPLES 45 Sphere: Related Content