Chino Amobi + Rabit – Izlämic Europe.

It’s hard to discern a comment from Chino Amobi and Rabit’s “Izlämic Europe” other than that it’s not all good right now. Listen to other recent joints from the NON crew below, if you have the temerity. Spoiler: “Live Today” samples the Water Temple theme from Ocarina of Time as a..

TeeFLii x Mr. Mitch – 24 Hourz x Feel (Rabit Blend).

I’ve been fiending for this edit ever since Mr. Mitch played in his Valentine’s Day mix for Dazed. Attaching instrumental grime to TeeFLii works so well perhaps because the sparseness isn’t such a far cry from the DJ Mustard beats that animate ratchet & blues. Here’s hoping this turns into a..

Swarvy – B*tch.

Philly’s Swarvy fanutes Missy Elliott for a outtake from his Stunts series. Sidebar: I’m only noticing this now, but Missy is definitely a Nicki Minaj prototype that no one talks about. Sphere: Related Content