Save Mad Dough call GEBCO

[quicktime width="320" height="240"]http://www.orderproductions.com/commercials/gebco2.mov[/quicktime] (Requires Quicktime) Top 5 dead or alive insurance company raps.

Quick Followup on Talib Kweli…

I was browsing through AAH and I came across this tidbit regarding Talib’s new album Ear Drum features production from Hi-Tek, Rick Rubin, Mad Lib, Kanye West and guest appearances from Norah Jones, UGK, Sizzla, Jean Grae and others. Norah Jones and UGK on the same album? should be interesting..

Please Stop…. Please!

More recently I’ve been hearing rappers featuring people who cannot sing for shit singing their hooks on their songs. The first time this phenomenon really hit me was with Big Moe on that Mike Jones track Flossin’. Now, me being a fan of Moe’s mic skills, I originally thought the..

X-Clan-Weapon X

One of the most political rap groups of all time is back, even though half of the group has passed on (Professor X & Sugar Shaft), they are still bringing the same lyrics with an important message you need to hear. You might even recall Eminem name dropping them on..

Yahoo subliminally pushing Snoop Dogg’s Porn?

So I was browsing Yahoo News and was reading a bit about some racist MTV2 cartoon called ‘Where My Dogs At?’ that was in some hot water and had a scene with Snoop Dogg having 2 women with him who were on chains, but they went above and beyond to..

Wu-Tang is for…..the animals?

XXL magazine never ceases to amaze me. I was flipping through the recent issue of XXL when I came across an ad for PETA, of all things, urging readers to go vegeterian. Interestingly enough the ad featured Masta Killa, standing over a plate of some appetizing food. The ad for..

7.31.06 Tru Life, Rick Ross, Ghostface Concert.

When you are rocking Wallabees you don’t need much else. Last night, hangover and I hit up the Boost Mobile Rockcorps show over at the 9:30 club. The only way to get in this show was to do volunteer work at the Latin American Montessori Bilingual School the day before...