50 Cent gets a Pussy(cat Doll) for life?

  I was browsing through Wikipedia and found out that 50 is engaged to Nicole Scherzinger? I can’t seem to find any article to back this up, although I remember seeing pictures of them together. Anywho I don’t see this engagment even reaching the wedding. But she is reppin (at least..

Old School Goodness

Ah yes 3rd Bass. What a classic group from the golden age of hip-hop. But I noticed something when I was looking over my copy of The Cactus Album, they featured Zev Love X, an MC from a group called KMD, on their single Gas Face. KMD would later disband..

Purple Christmas

Oh my god! A Dipset Christmas CD! Why is the world such a wonderful place that we can get such guaranteed hilarity? I only hope this wonderful idea permeates pop culture and we start hearing people singing Purple City Carols on the corners of cities and towns everywhere. This may..

Funny…..not really

I guess some of you have decided to cop the bootleg of this album. For those of you that didn’t, dont. This is a terrible follow-up to the Black Album and, frankly, its a bad Jay-Z album in general. I won’t name specifics (besides the previously named) but this is..

A Question for Snoop Dogg…

A photo from the cinematic masterpiece ‘Soul Plane’. That question is simple..Can you please explain your obsession with the Airline industry/Airports/Airplanes? We all should have seen the warning signs when he starred in Soul Plane he probably didn’t even care about how good or bad the movie was going to be (I haven’t..

The Rapper Infirmary for 10.17.06, Cassidy & Fabolous

Starting today I’m going to have a new feature, inspired by weekly NFL injury reports, I present you The Rapper Infirmary. As of recently there are two east-cost MCs on the sideline; Cassidy has well manicured nails *nh*. Cassidy who, as I’m sure 99.9% of you know, was in a pretty bad car crash a few weeks ago...

DMX is still ‘unique’ & a Clipse Update.

Dmx with a dog?? WHAT??? DMX just doesn’t seem able to stop in providing us with entertaining shit. When he is not acting completely cracked out for the camera, he is either going bat crazy during a concert, proudly earning some traffic violations, or claiming he was raped. The first..

Why You Gotta Go And Do That?

Who heard that new Jay-Z track? Shit won’t stop playing on my local hip-hop station and I don’t mean that in a good way. Now, I am a huge Jay-Z fan. I personally believe that the man has not had a bad album yet. Shit, I even liked Volume 1...

AZ- One of my Brooklyn Favorites is back.

One of the most underrated rappers from the 90s, AZ, has a new album on the way. AZ, who many forget is actually one-half Dominican, can defiantly be filed under the hip-hop veteran category. There is a good reason for his long standing in the hip-hop game. From running side-by-side with..

Dear Record Industry, Stop fucking with the Clipse.

Let’s take a trip down the history of Pusha T & Malice, the brother duo that make up The Clipse. Being down with The Neptunes since 93′, they recorded their first album around 1998, which would finally see the light of the day as an internet leak dubbed ‘Exclusive Audio..