Call off the man hunt, WE STILL HERE!

So a deadly of combination of Association basketball (don’t worry TNT is on in the background, if someone gets nutted in the eye ill see it) and computer crashes meant that an update by yours truly has been a while coming…so here we go with the only thing you need..

Human Crack in the Flesh

Let me begin by saying if you haven’t got Swat 4, this is a MUST COP. This game has ruled my life to the point where I completely forgot about posting, schoolwork, and pimping. I make no exaggeration when I say, THIS GAME IS COOKED CRACK ON THE PC!!! This..

Breaking News…

So after having another sick update ready, I was being distracted by the Suns/Grizz game so I was gonna finish it the next day… Well while I was off getting my learn on the power flickered and by whole update typed in blogger went bye bye. Oh well. Bizzy Bone=Mental..

Slow Days.

Ayooooo! So I had a hard time to scrounge up shit for today’s update and almost did a political rant but thought that was soooo 2004 election. Is he signaling for a plane to land? The buzz for Kanye Tidah’s 2nd album just shot the hell up, thanks to the..

Back for the First Time

First things first, we got a new pope. But yet again we suffer another let down. The College of Cardinals has failed to elect the pope we really wanted, my man Frankie Arinze. Better luck next time…..or not. When, Arinze!!! WHEN…………………………. So apparently Snoop, Daz and Kurupt have filled the..


http://www.metallungies.com is officially up and running! As promised now there is no reason to not spread the word. With a Friday not popping off, Hangover and I decided to head out to view Dame Dash’s Dash Films latest venture the 2nd State Property (trailer) movie. The setup.. 2days into release..

We still hurr.

I was gonna come through with a massive update about 3 days ago or so but my computer overheated to some oven like temperatures ish but never fret, ML is still here.. Late passes on some of the shit please. First things first.. Sheek Louch dropped his two cents into..

Starvin’ like Schiavo

This is what I live for…..Beef Goodness. 50 and Tony dropped a D-Block and other enemy diss track (in response to Jada and others) with, frankly, a better feel to it than Piggy Bank, but a little repetitive and weak at points. Sheek came back with a track which was..

His Onion…………

Let me start by saying this: GO AND SEE SIN CITY!!!! That shit was a visual thrill as well as a violence fueled riot to watch. I dub it a classic *Metal Lungies Approved*. Michael Rourke has also gained a special place (no homo) in the figurative ML Hall of..

Keepin it movin in these times.

You better believe Mr. Angelos tried to tap that. I’ve been trying to do a piece on the state of our nations capital for a moment. I’ve finally got enough material and motivation to do so. But I’ll still keep it brief, be cause that is how we do. Now..