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Jadakiss, Reconsidering Jiggy.

Part of our act was we would come out onstage with the shiny suits on to ‘If You Think I’m Jiggy’ and rip them off, and go into one of our harder records. But the crowd would sometimes go, ‘Awww…’ They wanted us to keep rocking ‘Jiggy.’ -Jadakiss Sphere: Related..

Pusha T, Provider of Douche.

I’m writing a verse, and I come back to the table, and it’s something that I’m feeling, and [Kanye]‘s like, ‘Naw, but I need more douche bag.’ And I’m like, ‘All right, man, c’mon.’ So I go back, and he’s like, ‘Naw, more douche bag!’ He’s screaming at me ‘more..

DJ Premier, Vulgar Comparison Maker.

(image) Another quotable from Premo’s press run. You can write the illest rhymes in the world, but can you deliver it right? It’s like, we all know how to put our dick in the hole, but can you tear it up? -DJ Premier Sphere: Related Content

DJ Premier, Big City Dreamer.

(image) …a guy committed suicide on the train that we were riding. We saw him when he was dead, right in front of us. When you’re in fifth grade, that’s the story to tell your friends: “Yo, man, we saw somebody kill themselves on our train, and his arm was..

Ron Artest, Senior Space Scientist.

(image) Pluto’s not even a planet no more, which I’m very disturbed about. I grew up when Pluto was a planet. Now, I’m 25, I turn around and Pluto’s no longer a planet. I’m going to elbow that guy in the nose. I love Pluto. Everybody loves Pluto. There’s a..