Lungie Scholar


Method Man, Showering, Not Fronting.

It always felt to me like everybody was fronting and acting bigger than what they actually were. For me to be around them, it looked like I was doing the same thing. Let’s say you sitting in a room and you know you washed your ass today. Picture you sitting..

Freddie Gibbs, Close to Discovering Atlantis.

It was my birthday, I was in Hawaii so I didn’t give a fuck. I was drinking Mai Tais and snorkeling, nigga. I put on that snorkeling gear and I instantly could swim. I was like, “What the fuck? I can breath underwater? Let’s go!” I was swimming with turtles,..

Ghostface Killah, Lusting for Beats.

I love beats. Beats is like women to me. You get a nice beat, you just gotta fuck it right. And do it right. Just do it right. Everybody love that shit. I love pretty beats. Fat beats. Nice juicy ones. Like girls. Girls. They like they same shit. All..

Buckwild, Reminiscing on Groupie Love.

During a lot of Terror Squad sessions, having an entourage led to a whole other pile of things. I remember one of the dudes in Joe’s crew called one girl, and she had to suck off like 20 to 25 people. [Laughs.] We’re in Sony [Studios], and you see a..