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Metallungies Hollers @ MoSS, Interview.

You’ve likely scrunched up your face to one of MoSS’ beats at some point. His grungy, rasping backdrops have found their way into the hands of Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, and Sean Price; and as DJ Premier’s right hand, higher profile placements are in the cards. MoSS’ ear for..

The Brown Feature.

“Somebody else wanna tell this part? I always do this,” said Audible Doctor. Soul Khan reluctantly spoke up. “So a bunch of people worked at Fat Beats and that bunch of people would be us. And often, we would drink together. And when we would drink together, we would go..

Metallungies Hollers @ Statik Selektah, Interview.

(image) Boston-born New York-based boom bap producer extraordinaire Statik Selektah took some time off to talk to us about The Pre-Game EP, his album 100 Proof (The Hangover), and the 5,000 other projects he’s working on. Statik talks about his album’s dark sound, his record collection, and his upcoming single..

Metallungies Hollers @ YelaWolf, Interview.

Congrats to YelaWolf on earning himself a blurb and a big ol’ picture in the New York Times on Friday: Doing the nasal Dylan impression on the hook, which turns “Subterranean Homesick Blues” more druggy, is YelaWolf, a white rapper from Alabama with a classic rock jones and a glorious,..

Metallungies Hollers @ Co$$, Interview.

Co$$ (or Cashus King) is a rapper from South LA whose name first began to circulate last year alongside more well-known underground artists like Blu & Exile and Shawn Jackson. Since dropping his mixtape Tomorrow’s Yesterday in February, Co$$ has begun to step out of his crew’s shadow and carve..

Metallungies Hollers @ Blaq Poet, Interview.

On his rainy album release day, Blaq Poet dwarfed the ragtag Fat Beats crowd, which consisted of sun-starved rap nerds, basement producers and rambling old-heads — all in tow to get their CDs signed or just catch a glimpse of a Queens-bred rapper who braved the bridge wars when he..