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Metallungies Hollers @ Wale, Interview.

From dropping last year’s best mixtape, to cavorting with Alex Ovechkin and ML’s very own DJ01 at a Washington Capitals game, Wale has been overdue for a conversation with ML. The DC rapper turned MVP touches on his relevance to hip-hop, progress on his upcoming album Attention Deficit, the status..

ML Hollers @ Fonzworth Bentley, Interview.

Fonzworth Bentley is known for a lot of things including being a butler, a recording artist, and an umbrella line owner. Not the least of these things is his hosting his own MTV show From G’s to Gents which has just started it’s 2nd season. We talked to Mr. Bentley..

Metallungies Hollers @ Curren$y, Interview.

If you’re a rapper today, you can do one of three things: constantly talk about restoring hip-hop to how it was ten fifteen years ago, air out pointless rivalries on YouTube, or wear spandex. Amidst all these shenanigans, there’s Curren$y, a rapper from New Orleans who has the audacity to..

Metallungies Hollers @ Bun B, Interview.

(image source) Aside from being half of the legendary duo UGK and an icon in the South, Bun B is one of the few people in hip-hop who doesn’t scramble to say something retarded when he has the spotlight. Rather, Bun is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful people..