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ML Hollers @ Black Milk, Interview.

Wow. It was a fucking honour to interview Black, who I can safely call one of my top 5 producers out there right now. Black Milk discusses his upcoming projects, different methods of making beats, and his favorite soul records. ML: Hey man, how you doing? Black Milk: What’s going..

Metallungies Hollers @ Omar Cruz, Interview.

I recently got the chance to chop it up with west coast up-and-comer Omar Cruz. Signed to Interscope-Geffen, Omar’s been straight busting his ass to get LA’s Latinos some long overdue recognition. On Latino rappers… The one that I looked up to the most is already passed away, rest in..

ML Hollers @ Shawty Lo, Interview.

Hello Hello Hello..ML caught up with Shawty Lo this week to talk about his new video which premieres tonight on FN MTV @ 8pm EST (along with performances from Lil Wayne & Duffy), Bankhead, being a scholar with Killer Mike and other ML randomness you’ve surely come to expect. Metal..