Classic Television.

This is my new favorite show!!! I was flippin through channels yesterday and instead of my usual passing of MTV I was blessed to come upon a show called “Blowin’ Up.” Now, I’m not that huge of a Jamie Kennedy fan but watching the dude go through a serious effort..

Killa Season=The Movie We’ve been waiting for…

Sadly, the only Movie Poster Hell Rell will ever be on The day was Tuesday, it was a miracle, the Killa Season DVD was actually released, only one pushback sufficed for this Killa project. No time was wasted to get to watching it, here at ML it was priority numero..

dropoff linkage

Hey, Martin Scorsese didn’t dosen’t have any oscars. An oscar nominated scene from the epic ‘Killa Season’ No questions asked I will be purchasing on the first day, mostly for humor errr acting. You will cry near the end of the scene. Review 1 (Scroll down) Review 2 ODB &..

Just Like The Good Old Days

Have you ever feel a movie is pointless, boring, insulting, and deserves nothing more than to be pulled from the theater? If so the solution to your problem is to shoot someone who was at the movie with you. Follow Me. Apparently these three dudes got in a scuffle with..

Slow Days.

Ayooooo! So I had a hard time to scrounge up shit for today’s update and almost did a political rant but thought that was soooo 2004 election. Is he signaling for a plane to land? The buzz for Kanye Tidah’s 2nd album just shot the hell up, thanks to the..

WE HERE NOW!! is officially up and running! As promised now there is no reason to not spread the word. With a Friday not popping off, Hangover and I decided to head out to view Dame Dash’s Dash Films latest venture the 2nd State Property (trailer) movie. The setup.. 2days into release..

Kiss and Make Up!!!!!

In the most important news today, The Game and 50 cent have squashed the beef?! They recently had a press conference in Harlem and declared a truce to end the beef. Apparently they just talked it out…..Does anyone else feel cheated? All the possible diss tracks are now just dreams..

NEVER Again!

This is where our Oscar coverage ends, deepest apologies go out to all goes to all of our 3 readers, but the amount of fake ass shit, I cannot take. To realize how bad this shit is, Chris Rock is probably my favorite comic behind Chappelle but unless he is..

Have you seen this DVD?

I remember hearing about this DVD around the time the clones album dropped but I cant seem to find any info on it… and Britney/Mona Lisa is keep it straight gutta, (hanging around junkyards?) Uhhhh Kanye in playgirl? p.s. *NO HOMO* Sphere: Related Content