8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Pop Star.

Apparently, before you get to stand under Rihanna‘s umbrella (ella, ella, ay, ay), you need Poppa Hova’s approval. According to People magazine, Jay-Z “screens” all of Rihanna’s potential dates: “I just found out from a mutual friend that guys will talk to Jay first before they try to approach me…..

Just Lose It!

That’s what Eminem did… and to Michael Jackson, no less. [Pause for the customary “no homo”] XXL reports that the “King of Pop” just purchased a portion of Eminem’s catalog, and now controls the publishing rights to some of Em’s most popular records. Jackson was first put on to purchasing..

Well, I Feel Unaccomplished.

You think of what you were doing at age of 19 (or what you will be doing) and chances are you weren’t releasing your third album on Def Jam. You weren’t working with hit-producer Timbaland, soulful singer-songerwriter Ne-Yo, or sexyback-bringer Justin Timberlake. You weren’t a spokesperson for Covergirl or Nike...

This is what I come back to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just came back from a nasty bout of the flu and as soon as I find something newsworthy it has to be this………N*E*R*D* is no more. The Supergroup broke up after a stream of management conflicts at Virgin Records. This is a sad day in music history, N*E*R*D* was..

Prison for Everyone!!!!!

Queen Bee is going away!!!! Lil Kim was found guilty of perjury and conspiracy. She was found not guilty of Obstruction of Justice. What does this mean for Hip Hop!? I DON’T CARE!!! The Bitch has like two songs I like, one of which is “Money, Power, And Respect” which..