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Jeezy Goes to the Movies.

The hierarchy of the online rap community goes like this: 1. Photoshoppers 2. Rap bloggers 3. People who leave comments on old school rap videos on YouTube Props to Kuci06, HHReloaded, Talyban, and wilde who have been trading Young Jeezy-themed movie posters in a legendary thread on the ProjectCOVO.com forums...

Love Song Machine, Amazingly Cool Web App.

The Love Song Machine is a web app that lets you compose a song using eight notes. Then it plays your song. IN THE REAL WORLD. After you make your song, you can watch a live stream of it playing on a set of bells in their Rhode Island office. ..

Blood Bros – Heaven 2 Hell, Mix.

Train! Fight! Die?! DJA and Dirty South Joe have distilled the essence of motivation and physical and mental exertion into musical form. The product of their labor is Heaven 2 Hell, their second 80s action soundtrack mix. As with any action sequel, the stakes are higher and the danger level..

The Metal Lungies Guide to NYC Falafel.

Note: This guide not comprehensive. Far from it, in fact. Rather, this is a guide based on my experiences living and working in New York City. I’m sure you can find much more scientific studies of New York’s falafel scene, but I hope that my insight can be of some..

Blood Bros – First Blood, Mix.

Action has a new hero. Blood Bros (DJA and Dirty South Joe) have created the soundtrack to your next arduous challenge. They compiled the greatest moments in 80s action movie soundtrack history for a mix that will get you pumped in times of adversity. Now go chop some firewood! via..

Introducing: The John Daly.

Want to celebrate John Daly’s triumphant return to Golf relevancy (something I know nothing about) rocking zubaz-looking pants at the British Open this week? More importantly enjoy a nice summer beverage? Well let me introduce an original drink creation from the ML bar. Take some… and mix it with.. You..


The other night, Ron Artest took an unnecessary three when it would have made much more sense to wait down the shot clock. Fans booed, but a moment later, an unfazed Artest charged to the basket and hit a game winning shot at the buzzer. In the post game interview..

Hip-Hop Blogs and the World Premier Horse Race.

An interview with Just Blaze and a response from eskay of Nah Right have prompted a discussion about hip-hop blogs and unauthorized leaks. Rather than reiterating what’s already been said, I’d like to put one point under the magnifying glass. Toward the end of the clip, Just Blaze says that..