Citizens FOB Mixtape: Welcome to the New Administration.

After that Good Charlotte post, some of you maybe confused, but this is still ML. This is a pretty random mixtape I had to post. For some reason Ludacris challenged Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy to a rap battle, then somehow Clinton Sparks got involved and the results is..

Rappers and Good Charlotte.

Good Charlotte has a lot of haters, I’m not one of them. I have been following their careers since the early days when they were reppin Waldorf, MD to the fullest doing local public access shows in the DMV like MHz. I won’t say I’m their biggest fan, but I..

The Clipse Road To Success Pt. 3.

In the latest installment, Malice mentions wanting to work with The Killers, which would probably blow our minds. Pusha also mentions wanting to work with Jeezy, I guess he forgot about this under appreciated gem from a few years back: Young Jeezy Ft. Pusha T – Pushin Weight Sphere: Related..

Haunts Remixes.

Alex a guitarist for a band called the Haunts out of the UK, hit me up with some remixes they’ve done…and it’s some electro-funk worth checking out. Late of The Pier (Haunts Remix) Athlete (Haunts Remix) Get more at their Remix myspace. Sphere: Related Content

The Walkmen- You & Me, Review.

I like to drink in the afternoon. Maybe even more so than at nighttime. And I am not saying I like to get drunk midday cause that would make me a loser, right? Im saying that having some beer with your buddies on a blistering hot day provides me with..

Tha Carter III played on a Piano.

Watch 18 year old Jordan DeLisser murder the piano playing tracks off of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III. I’ve always liked piano covers of  songs and SomkeYYY tipped me off to this dude, he also ripped the whole set into mp3s you can cop here. I remember a very solid..

No Age-Eraser (Video).

My favorite band at the moment.  This video only reinforces the notion that No Age is going to change the world.  These two guys from Los Angeles (Dean Spunt and Randy Randall) have made the loudest record of the year, but yet their sound remains elusive.  Mind boggling.   More..

The Walkmen-In the New Year.

The Walkmen make great drunken anthems.  Their particular flavor of garage rock succeeds in blending poetic lyrics with crunchy waves of distortion and driving rhythms.  The new track off the forthcoming album You and Me (out September 16th) shows the band playing up their strengths.  Much like “Wake Up,” an inspired..

Jay-Z at Glastonbury 2008.

  I watched the condensed footage over at the BBC (has the best quality), and by all looks Jay killed it. I mean coming out covering Wonderwall?? Pretty gangster. Was he really playing the guitar? who cares!  While Beyonce was on the side of the stage wylin out during Encore,..