AZ- One of my Brooklyn Favorites is back.

One of the most underrated rappers from the 90s, AZ, has a new album on the way. AZ, who many forget is actually one-half Dominican, can defiantly be filed under the hip-hop veteran category. There is a good reason for his long standing in the hip-hop game. From running side-by-side with..

John Rocker’s SPEAK ANGLISH err… ENGLISH campaign.

  BREAKING NEWS! From the playbook pages of Diddy’s Vote or Die Campaign, former MLB Pitcher/ star of the cinematic masterpiece ‘The Greenskeeper’, John Rocker, comes with ‘SPEAK ENGLISH’. Accompanied on this “campaign” is Ms. Bikini Universe 2004, Alicia Marie, who for the most part is a vital piece in the movement,..

Dear Record Industry, Stop fucking with the Clipse.

Let’s take a trip down the history of Pusha T & Malice, the brother duo that make up The Clipse. Being down with The Neptunes since 93′, they recorded their first album around 1998, which would finally see the light of the day as an internet leak dubbed ‘Exclusive Audio..

N.W.A. & Sesame Street-Fuck The Police

This is probably the funniest video of the day for me, I guess even puppets on Sesame Street get hasseled by those boys in blue.   [wmv width="320" height="240"][/wmv]   Credit: Gorilla Mask Sphere: Related Content

Interview with XXL’s Elliot ‘YN’ Wilson

YN Puts on his Happy Face.  I got this in the e-mail the other day and thought it was relevant to share on hurr. YN Talks about 2pac & him still being on XXL’s covers more than 10 years after his death, and his dealings with Interscope. Enjoy..   [youtube]oN6EJNWoyEQ[/youtube]..

Santana Moss is Major.

In celebration of the first sunday in this NFL season, I’m posting a song that pays homage to one of my favorite NFL players behind Marcus Washington, Santana Moss of the Washington Redskins. My favorite line in the song is: And now he’s in the NFL str-8 punishing dudes /..

DMX makes for good Video Footage.

I think I missed some classic TV by not watching DMX’s Soul of a Man on BET, thankfully Youtube comes through and provides a nice fix of some cracked out Dark Man X. Enjoy. DMX Enjoys fresh convenience store donuts, and fields telephone calls from Swizz Beatz using the store’s..

Save Mad Dough call GEBCO

[quicktime width="320" height="240"][/quicktime] (Requires Quicktime) Top 5 dead or alive insurance company raps.