Wow.. R.I.P. Disco D.

I just heard about this today, but back on Tuesday Disco D was found dead from an apparent suicide. If you haven’t heard of Disco D, you probably have heard his work as his biggest was Ski Mask Way from 50 Cent‘s The Massacre. He was building up his name in the production scene while also being a DJ at the same time, which was evident through out his music which always included a very club friendly DJ flavor. At age 27, who knows what kind of hits were ahead of him, very sad.

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  1. Eric J. Winston

    Yeah, I loved “City of Gods” from AZ’s “A.W.O.L.” LP that he did, even though “Ski Mask Away” got Disco D the mass appeal outside of the Ghettotech scene he helped to pioneer in Detroit . . . way too sad. ;-(

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