Monthly Archives: February 2006

Pass that coke…

With all the media hype lately about Britney Spederline almost driving her child through a windshield and Jessica Simpson’s latest fling with newly proclaimed man-whore Judd Law, I thought we’d switch up the headlines today in celebration of Fat Tuesday. I mean, honestly, what’s better than some CLASSY; repeat after..

My New Fetish: Boxing Welts *nhjic*

Vargas..umm good luck finding Gucci eyewear that fits THAT VS Rahman-”For this fight loss, all I get is a welt…and 10 million dollars??” who wins in your book? I think ill go with Mr.Vargas it’s just soooo round. Sphere: Related Content

DC Metro: Providing Quality Entertainment

So I was browsing the Washington Post aka WP (for the cyber streets) for more signs of how DC/MoCo area keeps it gully. I used to write about this quite a bit, if you don’t recall check the archives. Well anyway, I came across this piece, and I’ve had my..

Metallungies Hollers @ Apathy.

Apathy & Mike Shinoda Apathy is a very busy man in his least favorite season, the winter but regardless he looks to get even busier. I caught up with him in the middle of hefty press day for his new album ‘Eastern Philosophy’. Which he was doing on the road..

These boots were made for Jackin?

It seems that America’s best marketed idiot is a chain jacker. Word is that Nick (you know…..the other newlywed) is suing her for spousal support, saying that she hasn’t given him back his “miscellaneous jewelry.” I think the real question is whether any of dem’ 98 boyz will pull a..

Building Blocks: Isaac Hayes

Many of you may know him as the Chef from South Park but his musical genius extends far past his Chocolate Salty Balls. This man is one of the best sampled men in all of hip-hop. To name all the classic songs which sample him would create a list that..

Let’s say hello again to E-40

E-40 Mean Grillin’ The slang guru from the west coast E-40 has a new album coming out march 14th. He just dropped a video which I really dig, it features some nice up-side down shots ala Missy’s video with Ciara. It also has gully dancers that dance on the hood..

Sammy Sosa: “No me gusta Nationals beisbol”

A cute face in the majors since 1989 *no homo* So it looks like Sammy Sosa won’t be moving down the I-95 from the cocaine capital of the world to the go-go capital of the world (and the free world, GO USA!). He rejected the Nationals offer of a non-guaranteed..

Killa Cam=Protector of Children (*no homo*)

With “Killa Season” coming out in April (which probably means November ’09), the CEO of Diplomat Records (he signed himself, bitch) has yet another big project on his hands…a documentary on pedofilia. Let me say that again…CAM’RON not Stone Phillips or Barbara Walters or even Geraldo…is doing a documentary on..