Monthly Archives: January 2007

Wow.. R.I.P. Disco D.

I just heard about this today, but back on Tuesday Disco D was found dead from an apparent suicide. If you haven’t heard of Disco D, you probably have heard his work as his biggest was Ski Mask Way from 50 Cent‘s The Massacre. He was building up his name..

Rage Against The Machine.. IS BACK (at least for one night.)

 Rage Against The Machine is one of my favorite bands of all time. I was ecstatic when I heard they are getting back together to headline coachella. Now I’m curious who approached who or if the coachella organizers made this happen. Because that could give us a hint to see..

Land Of Rawk

Haunting, inviting, indifferent, and unafraid, Elizabeth Powell and the Land Of Talk invade your headphones with their debut EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss and leave you with melodies you won’t be able to shake off for days. The album is hardly a debut effort – Lizzie is no stranger to..

The White Rapper Show + Tyrese Update.

I was about to turn off the TV last night when something caught my eye. It was the last few minutes of egotrip’s White Rapper Show. I decided to check out the show just because egotrip was handling the show. A little background info, Egotrip is a now-defunct magazine/set of..

The Lungie Awards (Part 2)

I promised I would, so here it is…. Most Shameful Hip-Hop Moment in 2006: Flavor of Love This shit had me genuinely disgusted for the entire year. How could a television station that aired such an epic documentary And You Don’t Stop be responsible for this travesty. They took a..

The Lungie Awards: Part 1

Really, its for the best. This is plain and simple, the stuff that mattered to me in rap music this year. Now, if only we had trophies……… Best DJ Premier impression of 2006: Pharell on Clipse- Ride around Shining When I heard this one I really thought I had accidentally..

I Came For The Mascara, I Stayed For The Love

Gerard Way knows what the hell he’s doing. Leave your prejudices at the doorstep and make your way through the crowds to be awe in of The Black Parade, the latest album conjured up by the punk rock quintet from New Jersey known as My Chemical Romance. This dark and..


On Saturday night, if you can’t catch it, set your VCR, tivos, camcorders to record Snoop Dogg in Boss’n Up. While there isn’t too much info regarding this movie, just the part of it being a musical with Snoop Dogg has me immediately sold. IMDB (It is right around Killa Season..

Some interview quotables courtesy of Lil Wayne & T.I.

  So I was flipping through the latest blender issue, which is my favorite all around music magazine. Anyway I came across too very noteworthy interviews one from Lil Wayne and one from T.I. In his interview, for which he was probably in the same state he was in when..

New Years Eve Recap

The good: Law & Order reruns out the wazoooooo. Papoose getting shine on BET. Seeing this: The bad: Being sick this whole week, and still being sick on New Year’s Eve. Toni Braxton performance on FOX, where she sang ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’ *nh*, and horribly at that; even a backup vocal..