Give me Outkast or give me death!


While MTV is pretty much worthless nowadays, can at least drop a gem every now and again, such as last week, when they scored an interview with the ever-elusive Andre Benjamin while on the set of the upcoming video for UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem,” which features Outkast, and which I am eagerly anticipating. The piece does a nice job of recapping Andre’s recent string of successful guest appearances, in the process helping people like Devin The Dude get some much-deserved promotion, and people like Rich Boy get some lesser-deserved promotion. However, gloom quickly arises in the interview when the topic of a future Outkast LP comes up:

Dre admitted that he and Big Boi are talking about the next Outkast album, which may be another dual-solo release, like Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

Now, pardon me while I ignore the words “may be” in that statement, jump to a conclusion, and rant about it. Andre, if you’re reading this, I have seven words for you. Actually, it’s just one word, repeated seven times, in increasing volume. No. No. No. No. No. NO. NO!

Whatever happened to 10 The Hard Way, the seemingly-mythical 10-song album that was supposed to be Outkast’s return to their roots? I can only assume that it’s locked in a vault somewhere deep in the Bermuda Triangle, next to Large Professor’s debut, Rakim’s Aftermath album, and RZA’s The Cure. If “rapping Andre’s” resurgence into today’s hip hop scene is only going to culminate with another half-Andre-songs, half-Big Boi-songs, “Outkast” album, then I will be extremely disappointed.

I can’t help but wonder if Outkast’s window of opportunity to release another “real” album — not some half-and-half shit — is almost closed. That’s not to say that neither Andre nor Big Boi are slacking; Andre is clearly still at the top of his game right now, and Big hasn’t slipped either despite his recent resume (guest spots on Rich Boy’s album and the aforementioned UGK’s single) not being as extensive as Andre’s. Personally, I’d rather see the duo go their separate ways if they’re not planning on working together anymore; I really don’t WANT that to happen, but if both would rather put out records by themselves as opposed to with each other, then why try to hide that desire under the facade of still being a duo?

And for those of y’all on the late train…

Download: UGK featuring Outkast – “Int’l Players Anthem”

Have a happy Memorial Day, and enjoy the 3-day weekend (if applicable). And remember, don’t drink and drive… you might spill your drink.

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