Blackface is still alive in Hollywood in the form of Sally Kirkland.

For you old school ML readers you may remember one of our more popular posts from the early days. It’s funny if you go back on our old blogger site entry there are still ignorant people commentating! Now I came across this today:

That’s some old Hollywood hag portraying Lionel Ritchie…WTF? His daughter thinks this is a cool/cute idea? What does he think of this? What do YOU think of this?

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    How funny is it that Cube was right all them years ago when he uttered “Here’s what they think about you”

    Please miss me with the activist intenary yo….

    This is akin to smacking ya wife around, but saying you let her get the credit card whenever she wants so you’re a good husband.

    Yeah and I guess all them minstrel show’s where all about paying homage

  2. black in theory

    when i see this, i think of the movie ‘white girls’ and then i remember that only white people can be racist… right???!!!

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