No Remixes Permitted

I wouldn’t have cared if some crappy Southern Rappers (see: Lil Boosie and co.) had decided to remix Hurricane Chris’ abortion of a single “A Bay Bay.” I was a little suprised to see Game on the remix, but then again he has been doing a lot of those crappy remixes lately. But seeing Jadakiss on this remix was too much. I decided to take a listen to see if he dropped his usual awesome bars on an otherwise crap track, and no, no he did not. His verse is terrible, its like he lowered his rap ability just to stay on par with the other dudes in the song. Its really a terrible place to see a guy who was dropping shit like this in recent memory.

Then again this isn’t the first time he’s done this. His crimes are multiplied since he was also on the remix of Wipe Me Down, another unforgivable offense and yet another bad verse. Now it may seem like I’m shitting on the South, but there are quite a few artists from the dirty who I really enjoy. Take UGK for example, or the Goodie Mob, or even the more contemporary Lil Wayne to name a few. If Jada would have been on a remix of one of these guys’ songs I would have been fine (as long as his verse was good). But instead it seems like more and more good rappers are appearing on crappy Southern bangers just for the airplay. What’s next KRS-One doing a remix of Krispy?

P.S. I don’t care that LL Cool J was on the actual Krispy remix. That dude has been crap for a while.

A Bay Bay Remix Video (Warning: Content May Disgust Hip-Hop Fans):

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  1. J-Berga

    Totally agree! I was blown away by the fact that Jada would stoop this low. What is a bay bay anyways?

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