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Fake No Limit Album Covers

Something Awful has an amazing collection of No Limit style album covers made for seemingly unlikely artists like They Might Be Giants, Elton John & the Wiggles. It’s done for their weekly Photoshop feature, Photoshop Phriday. Absolutely frickin’ brilliant, well worth a look. Pictured above, the Mamas & the Papas...

Hip Hop Harry takes ova Barney’s spot.

Late pass please! I just saw this on E!, it looks like Hip Hop has FINALLY infiltrated young kids television programming with Hip Hop Harry. I can see it now, kids during recess claiming they are hip-hop cause they watch this. But why isn’t there a Rock N’ Roll Robby..

Future "WTF?" Guest Appearance: Kool G Rap & Haylie Duff?

  Damn, I haven’t done one of these in a minute! I missed Remix Tuesdays too this week, I’m sorry y’all. I’m in Florida chilling right now and I get a bit lazy. Anyway, I was checking for places to listen to DJ Premier’s Sirius radio show, Live at HeadQCourterz..

Rappers I Know: The Podcast

We’ve covered Rappers I Know before at ML, but we never need a good reason to post about them. They just rolled out their podcast earlier this month, with the first instalment hosted by Kay of the Foundation. They brought out the second instalment the day on Christmas Eve (like..

Copped- Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm

I didn’t actually cop this. Rather, my brother copped it for me. Its the life story of MF Grimm. The format is a comic book and is spans his whole career (up to American Hunger). Very interesting stuff. I didn’t even know dude was on Sesame Street?! Seems like kind..

2007: We Reminisce Over You

Inspired by our friends at Hip Hop Is Read and Oscar Peterson’s recent passing, here’s a tribute to all the great artists we lost in 2007. Musicians, writers, directors, and more. This isn’t everyone who died in ’07 (you can view that list here), just those that affected us at..

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas from ML.

I know AM put up something a bit ago.. but I HAD to use this picture (note: YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST ON THE INTERNETS!). Enjoy some videos on how Prisoners spend their Christmas + Others, after the jump. Back Wednesdayish… (more…) Sphere: Related Content

Styles P tries Hallucinogens….. hilarity ensues

[youtube][/youtube] Why is this even a single?! The video may be the best or worst thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know yet. Check For: Gymnastics Masks Big Words (a la Money in the Bank) Discovery Channel Gags Bikes? Robbery Scenes with smoky suitcases Windmills Old men wizards More..