My roommate and my friend, who are both very intelligent young men, were listening to Lil Wayne’s Pop Bottles when one turned to the other and said, “This song is really thug. I bet actual thugs listen to this song.” They begged me to let them listen to it on my speakers, but I refused.

I can’t take Lil Wayne, or anyone’s interest in him, seriously. I’ve tried, but I can’t see him as anything more than a joke that not everybody is in on. I know I sound like I’m 43 and I’m telling my son and his friends to turn off their confounded hooligan music, but Lil Wayne’s weird ass noises will never have anything on Busta Rhymes’ weird ass noises and Lil Wayne’s stupid ass rhymes will never have anything on Dipset’s stupid ass rhymes. I guess I’m just a NY-head and I always will be.

But I’d be lying to myself if I said the man isn’t entertaining in his own right.

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