Diddy Proclaims, "The Game has Changed".

In “Diddy Blog #6 The Game Has Changed!” Puff goes into a two-minute rant about how Tha Carter III is as good Illmatic, The Chronic, Ready to Die and All Eyez on Me and how it’s changed the game. Not really, Puff. Weezy’s greatest creation is still the Wam.

Let me just say that I’ve never missed a meeting of the P. Diddy fan club. I keep my shiny suit shiny. He gets hated on nonstop, but I can’t help but love the guy. One might question his right to even talk about rap music, given that his last noteworthy hip-hop outing was the Bad Boys II soundtrack. But come on, don’t act like you don’t lock your door, throw on that “Check Your Coat” joint (via dajaz1) and dance around like a drunk high school girl at the after-prom.

Puff also gets hated on for being something of an attention whore, always making sure to have his face out there (he should talk to Eddie Murphy). Admittedly, in this video dude looks like he ate a box of ice cream sandwiches, fell asleep for half an hour, woke up and decided to videotape himself. Why does he keep looking around like that? I would’ve said something about him being on crack, but the last person that did that caught some serious shit.

You can hate on Puff all you want, but you gotta admit that he’s got swagger like no other. Nobody would pass up the chance to hang out with Puff Daddy. Props to my boy Grant who sent this my way; he applied for Puff’s whiteboy position but wasn’t good enough with computers. Seeing that whiteboy handle the complex task of ending Puff’s little video makes a blogger like myself green with envy. I almost got a job as Jay-Z’s whiteboy but DJ01 said he would smash my nuts with a spiked bat if I left ML.

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