EPMD Returns

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The brothers from Brentwood release their new album We Mean Business on September 9th on their own label, EP Records, distributed through Universal Records (more info on the new label here). This comes from Erick Sermon himself, who shared the news with Ming Tzu of GRANDGOOD at Lowe’s. True story.

Just had the most random encounter with Erick Sermon at a Lowe’s in Brooklyn, NY. He confirmed the new EPMD album is coming out this September on Universal Records. Afterwards, I was really glad he didn’t see the cherry tomato, basil and mint plants I bought. Didn’t want to be another one of those bougie cats he likes to talk about.

While you wait for We Mean Business to drop, here’s a little preview of the album:

EPMD – Blow

EPMD – Run It

EPMD – Run It (Remix ft.KRS-One)

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  1. Vincent

    It’s about time. Hip-hop needs them right about now. If only they could get the same amount of mainstream coverage as those clowns Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy. Amazingly enough, didn’t EPMD say “Rap is Outta Control” back in ’90? It’s waaaaaayyyy out of control these days.


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