Kicking It, documentary about the Homeless World Cup.

If you have been reading ML for long enough you know we have been intrigued about the Homeless World Cup going a few years back. When you combine that with our appreciation for documentaries, Kicking It, a documentary about the Homeless World Cup is something we are naturally all over. Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis (his blog is where we found out about the project) produced the film. The movie is in limited release in DC at the moment and will air on ESPN in September.

Kicking It trailer after the jump.

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  1. Dart_Adams

    Too bad Americans will ignore this documentary in favor of the ones about the Homeless Final Four and the Homeless Super Bowl. It’s ironic because think of all of the homeless soccer moms with their shopping carts bringing all of those little homeless kids to those homeless soccer matches in every major city.



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