ML @ Method Man And Redman, 11/27/08.

We arrived at the club late so we missed Big Pooh and Termanology, who were opening for Meth and Red. They came on late, but they had the crowd jumping after the first song. Redman arrived on stage in sandals with a blunt in his mouth. He kept watching for club personnel, and then had someone in the crowd light it.

They started out with Wu-Tang stuff, then they moved over to some of their solo work. There must have been some sort of problem in the first row because they kept alternating between trying to calm down and antagonizing this group of people up front. Between songs they kept noting the fact that How High 2 was coming soon. They also alluded to Blackout 2.

DJ Kool came on around the middle of their set. Dude looks like a classic DC cat. He performed “Let Me Clear My Throat”, which drove the crowd ape-shit then left. Towards the end of the show Meth and Red invited Streetlife, some other dude, and the self-proclaimed “guy who was passed out on the floor in the Redman episode of Cribs”. They were pretty good, and the “passed out” guy actually came on with some really fast rapping. It was kind of weird, cause during their set Redman was DJ’ing for them, instead of Mathematics.

After the new guys got some shine Meth and Red came back on, performed a couple of more songs then left, but not before Redman climbed up this tall-ass speaker and jumped into the crowd, and Method Man stood on top of the crowd. Overall, it was a great show. Method Man and Redman have never disappointed me yet, and I still consider them to be one of the best rap shows in the business.

[P.S.- I found out while I was writing this that DJ01 was at the show too. He got to see Term and said that he had a 25 minute set. He told me it was great to see people hearing and feeling his music for the first time.] Sphere: Related Content

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