Redman – Lay You Out (ft.Oh No, prod. Oh No).

Via Oh No’s blog

Street Fighter II has been remastered into HD for a release on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. To commemorate the occasion, they put together the Street Fighter Underground Remix mixtape, with all the instrumentals sampled from the game (even the sound effects and the announcers!) East of LA has several more tracks from the soundtrack for download, including tracks by Hieroglyphics and Zion I. Quality shit.

But I’m mostly posting this because I had to share this incredible Redman/Oh No track. MJ’s beat is bananas, and the way he is incorporated the sound effects is brilliant – the beat is a flip of the music from Guile’s stage. Red kills it, naturally. You do know that Oh No is doing full albums with the Alchemist (a project called GANGRENE) and Prince Po? DAMN.

Download: Redman – Lay You Out (ft.Oh No, prod. Oh No)

Not the first time Oh No has done videogame beats either; peep these videogame sampling tracks, courtesy of HaterPlayer, who did a great overview of videogame sampling hip hop tracks.

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  1. quan

    This is a dope track. Despite my deep-seeded hatred for all things Guile (seriously, why doesn’t the CPU have to charge back for 5 seconds to do a Sonic Boom?), Oh No killed this beat.

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