Busta Rhymes – The Game Room (ft. Lil Fame) (produced by DJ Scratch).

How’s this for random? DJ Scratch provides a beat filled with old school arcade sounds for Busta and Lil Fame to spit their hardest rhymes. I would expect something this random from Busta, the most erratic rapper of all time, but not DJ Scratch.  The beat sounds more like something by Oh No. I wasn’t sure about this song until I heard Fame drop this bracelet:

Prominent, dominant
Been through all kinds of shit
Respect my conglomerate
I ain’t even know what that word means

Fame just jumped up a few spots on my list. Between this song and “Blow The Horns” (included below), Busta and Fame seem to be a winning combination as of late.

Download: Busta Rhymes – The Game Room (ft. Lil Fame) (produced by DJ Scratch)

via Busta Rhymes

Bonus: M.O.P. – Blow The Horns (ft. Busta Rhymes)

via ShowoffHipHop.com

Bonus: Q-Tip – N.T. (ft. Busta Rhymes) (produced by DJ Scratch)
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