Monthly Archives: December 2008

Nore on Juan Epstein, Interview.

Nore has to be on of the, if not the best interview subjects in hip-hop. He provided me with one of my favorite print interviews of all time a few years back (which if you haven’t read, drop everything.. Recently, Nore was on Juan Epstein, and he dropped amazing..

Hip Hop + Art: Lil Wayne likes cake / Nas is a King.

Cloxboy on DeviantArt is sick with the Vectors, check the 2 recent pieces he has done for some T-shirts. Lil Wayne: (The cynic in me would flip it with styrofoam cup, but hopefully this is true.) Nas: For more of his work including a dope Kanye piece, check out his..

Hex Murda Gives a Memorable Interview.

Don’t know who Hex Murda is? Neither do I, to be honest. But I saw Joe Scudda tweeting something about ice cream and then I saw this. All I can gather from Hex’s MySpace, which has a great URL might I add, is that he’s from Detroit, he has something..

Metallungies Hollers @ Bun B, Interview.

(image source) Aside from being half of the legendary duo UGK and an icon in the South, Bun B is one of the few people in hip-hop who doesn’t scramble to say something retarded when he has the spotlight. Rather, Bun is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful people..