DJ Class – I’m The Shit (Lil Jon Remix) & Trey Songz + Jermaine Dupri Remix.

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The Bmore Club legend that brought the legendary Tear Da Club Up (and the only ringtone on my phone.. since like forever.), brings us more fire. These 2 remixes of his single, I’m The Shit from the forthcoming Alameda Coldspring are… well bananas (no Gwen Stefani). If you are at any party, or even a funeral.. play this.

Check the heat rock:

DJ Class-I’m The Shit (Lil Jon Remix) (Intro Dirty)

Via Mad Decent

DJ Class-I’m The Ish (Remix) (Ft. Jermaine Dupri & Trey Songz)

Via FirstUp (Youtube studio footage here)

(Note: Remix of the same og song but the difference in name is because the remix is clean?)

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