DJ Class – I’m The Shit (Remix) (Ft. Kanye West).

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I guess it takes Kanye to bless a track with a verse to really catch on. Knobbz let me know recently that our previous post with the OG Remix of the redic club banger is one our most searched posts on google. So, it’s only right we post another remix featuring Kanye. Kinda sick to hear an auto-tuned Kanye shout out Baltimore’s legendary Unruly label.

DJ Class – I’m The Shit (Remix) (Ft. Kanye West)

Stolen straight from Eskay’s house.

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  1. DJ

    “and it’s still top 10 bout 15 weeks later so that’s a middle finger for you 808 haters” hahahahahahahaha i love you Kanye

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