3rd Year Since J Dilla’s Passing.

Today marked the 3rd anniversary of J Dilla’s passing, It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t post something up to remember the man and his craft.

Here are some things that I came across today that I recommend you check out in remembrance:

  • Brandon has, well deservedly, dedicated the whole month to breaking down each and every single track from Dilla’s masterful instrumental album Donuts.
  • SofaKing got a bunch of noteworthy cats such as Black Milk & 6th Sense to list their 10 favorite Dilla beats. It’s interesting to see there isn’t that much overlap, which reiterates how deep & diverse his Catalog of work was.
  • Stones Throw recently shared a live recording of Jaylib show from 2004 (with a guest appearance by Common), download it and check out the pictures & some words form J. Rocc.
  • Sweeney has some tracks and info on how you can purchase A Suite for Ma Dukes EP, which directly benefits Dilla’s mother.
  • And if you have somehow missed it last year, ML’s Dilla Beat Drop is worth your time as well.

Note: This was supposed to go up a little earlier, but just as I was about to publish, the internets went out. Thanks Comcast.

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  1. Magnus

    I would think if I asked them for 20 beats, the last ten would be much more diverse. His catalog has few to none mediocre tracks, it`s overall amazing. Though some of them are just outstanding.
    But honestly, I was surprised myself how similar the lists were.

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