Raekwon gets a 4am meal at a bodega, talks, Video.

Ok, I love random videos like this that capture rappers in their natural element, not really “acting” for the camera. Watch Raekwon get a delicious sandwich at some bodega at 4am.. which he insists on getting hot, cause he’s hot! When not focused on his 4am feast, Rae drops the best economic slogan from any rapper yet; “we ain’t hurting we just flirting”! He also talks about some recently divorced guy named Nas, maybe appearing on his album. Bonus: be sure to vibe out to ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ blaring in the background!

The video also reminded me of a classic Rae photo, dude <3′s bodegas!

Photo by Tim Barber

Even though it’s not coming on Aftermath, it gives us high hopes for OB4CL2, which Just Blaze confirms exists!

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