DJ Jazzy Jeff – He’s The King, I’m The DJ, Mixtape.

Whenever a major artist dies, there’s an initial media blitz where you have a ton of people talking about everything except the music. You know, those people who watch cable news for 3 hours a day. Eventually, those people find something else to talk about, usually a sex scandal or someone winning American Idol.

But even after the story’s buzz dies out, the music-lovers continue to carry the torch. Even though Michael Jackson isn’t front page news anymore, artists continue to pay tribute.

With He’s The King, I’m The DJ, DJ Jazzy Jeff runs through Jackson’s greatest moments and also throws in some rare remixes. Yes, Michael Jackson is synonymous with controversy, but take an hour to remember why his death shook the planet. He made timeless music.


DJ Ayres did his thing too.

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