DJ Ayres (The Rub) – Michael Jackson Mix.

(Image imitated from The Fader)

A great mix from ’08 by DJ Ayres, which is a fitting tribute to MJ’s body of work. Tonight, this is staying on loop.

Download: DJ Ayres (The Rub) – Michael Jackson Mix.
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  1. dj solomon

    Michael Jackson Rocks Our World MIX
    I’ve been coming to terms with our loss of the greatest pop star and one of the biggest musical influences in my life. I figured what better way to do so then make an ode to the man himself. I know I had sort of tuned out most things Michael Jackson in the last few years because of all of the controversy that surrounded his non musical dealings… The more i learn about him since his passing, the more I think he wasn’t actually such a weirdo, but more of a misunderstood gentle soul who brought us some of the best dance music the world has seen, as well as being one of the most generous philanthropists of our generation. I know i wouldn’t be where I am today without his music and this mix is sort of my own cathartic means of coming to terms with just what he meant to me musically and how that has played into my life work. So please enjoy some of MY favorite MJ jams, I probably forgot a few of em, but these are the songs that helped shape what i think people like to dance to… This mix was done in 1 take and sort of stream of consciousness with very little preparation, I’ve actually posted this mix without even listening to the whole thing as I wanna get it up and shared as soon as i can. Pass this mix/link on to everyone you know who likes music and likes to dance, I think they will enjoy it!

    May Michel Jackson Live on in our hearts and dancefloors for years to come:

    to listen

    to download

  2. Adam

    I agree, the rub mix is phat and illustrates perfectly how great the king of pop was. I’ve actually just found that the mix is also up on at and the best thing is that you can embed the mix like you can with youtube videos. Just thought it might interest you.



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