Game – Brake Lights, Mixtape.

Brake Lights recalls the belligerence of Game’s older mixtapes where he recklessly swung at G-Unit and whoever else shot him a funny look. But those rivalries are long dead aside from the occasional snide remark in an interview. Nowadays, Game is struggling to get a single on the charts and a release date that will stick. Game seemed pretty blasé about his album situation in a recent interview where he made it seem as if it’s just a matter of time before his big radio record comes along. And while he waits, here’s an entire street album of original material.

You have to admire Game’s enthusiasm. Rather than moping about leakers and record execs that don’t see his vision (hi Lupe), Game uses his connections and resources to record a project that’s pure fan service. Interscope would never release such a haphazard album without records carefully tailored to appeal to different markets and demographics. Despite completely original beats, it’s apparent that Brake Lights was recorded on an impulse. Game rambles about sex and homicide in glorious excess over surprisingly dark production from assorted b-grade producers. It’s all been said and done before, but Game’s charisma and audacity is magnetic.

Download: Game – Brake Lights


Update: Here is the untagged version of the mixtape. “Stop” featuring Rick Ross is missing because DJ Skee doesn’t have the untagged version. I took the liberty of fixing the metadata, which was a jumbled mess.

Download: Game – Brake Lights (The Raw Files)

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