Monthly Archives: October 2010

DJ Premier, Vulgar Comparison Maker.

(image) Another quotable from Premo’s press run. You can write the illest rhymes in the world, but can you deliver it right? It’s like, we all know how to put our dick in the hole, but can you tear it up? -DJ Premier Sphere: Related Content

Voodoo Experience 2010 starts today.

Today marks the kickoff of the Voodoo Experience in the heart of New Orleans. ML is taking this year off, but we have had documented an amazing time in years past.  Even though we aren’t going it doesn’t mean we can’t recommend some acts, amiright?! Ticket’s are still available, trust me..

DJ Premier, Big City Dreamer.

(image) …a guy committed suicide on the train that we were riding. We saw him when he was dead, right in front of us. When you’re in fifth grade, that’s the story to tell your friends: “Yo, man, we saw somebody kill themselves on our train, and his arm was..

Bink! – Smoke Sumthin (ft. Ras Kass, Kurupt, Young De).

Last seen on Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress,” Bink! ventures West on this track from Cypress Hill’s SmokeOut compilation. So dope. Download: Bink! – Smoke Sumthin (ft. Ras Kass, Kurupt, Young De) via HRSMN Sphere: Related Content

Juiceboxxx – Journeyman from the Heartland, Mixtape.

Last night I had an ‘oh shit’ moment similar to the first time I heard Yelawolf. Milwaukee rapper/producer Juiceboxxx sounds like the rebellious offspring of a Beastie Boy. As far as I can tell, he communicates exclusively in all caps. His new tape Journeyman from the Heartland is, in his..

Co$$ – Gone (ft. Freddie Gibbs).

Finally a song from Co$$’ new project I can get behind. Co$$ and Freddie Gibbs looks like an odd pairing but it makes sense considering they both have a sense of urgency in their flows. The dramatic soul sample seals it. Revelations drops tomorrow. Download: Co$$ – Gone (ft. Freddie..

1982 (Statik Selektah x Termanology) – People Are Running.

Here’s one more track off 1982 which drops October 26. Term raps about the nightmares of the hood, savoring every graphic detail. It’s hard to believe this comes from the same album as “You Should Go Home.” By themselves, both songs work, but this kind of incongruity is usually reserved..